Video Retrieval Solution

VideoMatching library DEMO

Features and performance of the VideoMatching library can be tested using our demo-application. This application is based on the latest version of the library and it is completely free of charge.

Demo application basic features:

  • Windows application for x32 a x64 systems (no installation required)
  • Maximal length of a reference video is restricted to 10 minutes (if the input video is longer only the first 10 minutes are processed)
  • Maximal length of a query video is restricted to 10 seconds (if the input video is longer only the first 10 seconds are processed)
  • Number of video-matching results is not restricted
  • Input video format and codec is not restricted according to the full version of VideoMatching library

How to use the demo?

Use of this demo is very simple. You can get results in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Using the "Open video" button to load, decode and preprocess the reference video
  • Step 2: Using the "Open creative" button to load, decode and preprocess the query video
  • Change the matching threshold level if needed (using the "Threshold" track-bar)
  • Step 3: Press "Find matches" button to start video-matching
  • Step 4: After the matching is complete results are displayed in the log window

How can I get this demo?

As personal communication and individual approach to our customers is one of the basic rules of our company, the demo application is available free of charge on your request. Please do not hesitate and write on and we will answer all your questions and provide you with the demo application for your testing. It is really free, so why not to try it?